OverView: DRM

OverView:DRM is a secure key vault for encryption keys, used to secure both live and on-demand streams.

  • Access to keys by clients governed through authorisation rules provided by middleware through SOAP integration API
  • Keys are stored in an encrypted database
  • Key distribution secured through SSL security, X.509 certification with IP address-based & device-based ACLs
  • GRPL provides visual language & XML-based format to define complex rights ‘proofs’
  • Navigates flexible entity-relationship graph when deciding whether to deliver key to secure HLS or Marlin MS3 client.
  • Entity-relationship graph created and managed by integration with middleware and business systems
  • Can include all standard DRM concepts like Devices, Users, Domains, Licences, Packages, Assets and any other object required by business model


HLS encryption flow diagram


  • Flexible server-based DRM model reduces client complexity and cost
  • Makes it easier to manage and opens up DRM market to an “Open Systems” model
  • An ecosystem of vendors will promote competition and innovation

GRPL Example Proof

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