Gridline content distribution


Packet Ship’s Gridline content caching and distribution system provides a high-performance, general-purpose architecture for storage, distribution and edge caching of large media files and their associated media.

  • Secure, efficient content distribution and edge caching
  • Studio approved for high-value content
  • Integrated metadata and Digital Rights Management (DRM) key distribution
  • Metadata query engine for UI generation
  • Unicast, multicast and P2P multi-path delivery
  • Distribute securely to large numbers of edge caches through efficient network protocols

Gridline integrates directly with our Streamline video server for seamless access to cached asset files, and provides a high-performance SOAP-based metadata query interface that can be used by local middleware to generate a complete content navigation user interface.

Also available in Windows and MacOS versions, Gridline provides a direct background delivery of large media files to consumer desktops.


  • Consumer
  • Hospitality
  • Healthcare
  • Education
  • Corporate


  • Distributed VOD
  • CDN
  • P2P Delivery
  • Metadata engine
  • UI Generation


  • Unicast TCP
  • Multicast UDP
  • P2P
  • SSL and PKI
  • SOAP and XML

Download our Gridline Information pack:

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