New product: Packet Ship Sightline display controller

Packet Ship today announced the release of Packet Ship Sightline, a display control system for large-scale digital signage deployments.

The first release of Sightline is targeted at the Philips NetX display control card, enabling full control of large numbers of TVs and playback of digital IPTV content through an integrated display solution. Packet Ship has been working closely with Airwave, Western and Philips to deliver a full digital signage solution using the Sightline controller for the new O2 Arena in London.

The display controller is able to control all standard TV functions, such as power on/off, volume and brightness, plus instruct the NetX cards to connect to particular IPTV channels or start particular on-demand streams from the Packet Ship Streamline video server. Displays can be grouped in multiple different ways, and presets applied either manually through an operator console or on a pre-scheduled basis. The controller also automatically discovers, upgrades if necessary, and continuously monitors all the displays on the network.

For more information on Sightline, please contact us.


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