New product: Packet Ship Gridline content management and delivery system

Packet Ship today announced the release of Packet Ship Gridline, a distributed content management and delivery system which is fully integrated with the Packet Ship Streamline video server.

Gridline provides a central content management system allowing creation of complex hierarchical structures of any type of content, optimised for large media files. This content can then be distributed efficiently to large numbers of edge caches, either on local servers or to individual PCs, using a combination of unicast and peer-to-peer (P2P) delivery. The Gridline core server and edge caches also provide high-performance XML-based integration interfaces making it easy to create service user interfaces to navigate through and display content.

Gridline can be used to create:

  • Central management and distribution of content for multi-site video-on-demand services
  • Broadcast-quality ‘Push VOD’ online TV channels for PCs or set-top boxes, using efficient P2P delivery
  • High-performance centralised or distributed content navigation user interfaces

For more information on Gridline, please contact us.


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