New product: Packet Ship Centreline central asset management and routing application

Packet Ship today announced the release of Packet Ship Centreline, a Web-based central management application for asset and metadata capture, packaging of content and routing of deliveries to remote sites.

The Centreline management application interfaces with the Packet Ship Gridline content distribution system, which uses the delivery rules set in Centreline to control the automatic delivery of content files and associated metadata to large numbers of remote sites.

Features of the Centreline content manager:

  • Ingest of asset files, with automatic indexing and encryption with any DRM/CA technology
  • Web-based capture of metadata, with full multi-language support
  • Management of large numbers of remote sites, with arbitrary groupings
  • Assignment and tracking of content deliveries to remote sites
  • Retrieval and aggregation of usage statistics from remote sites, with full web-based reporting and CSV export

For more information on Centreline, please contact us.


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